5-6 Lost Weekend Warrior

5-6 x 19.25 x 2.38 28L
(not positive on dims anymore but it was a custom, not stock 5-6 dims)

This is a board I really wanted to like.

As soon as Biolos released the Weekend Warrior it was something that I was attracted to despite all of the drama between Tomo and Biolos. I never got around to ordering one so I was really stoked when one came up for sale in my dims and barely used.

At that time, I didn’t have any Future fins so I bought the Lost MB2 set since I had success with Lost fins before. In hindsight, they were too large for me and that probably contributed to me not liking the board. Not that this matters, but these looked really good in this board since everything was all matching.

As a thruster this board felt faster down the line than my Stretch Skate but I could not turn it as hard. As a quad, I did not like it at all. Even in overhead waves at the Oceanside Harbor the quad felt stiff. However, besides my Super Buzz or my Album Ledge (review forthcoming) I simply haven’t liked quads in a couple years so I may not be the best judge on that.

After a few sessions where the board worked serviceably but just not as good as the Stretches I was riding also in this period. Finally, after riding a closeout barrel the nose clocked me right on the side of my nose next to my eye. Giving me a black eye, making it hard for me to wear my glasses, and scaring me that I could have lost an eye. That was it for the Lost Weekend Warrior. I sold it at a profit.

If a board hurts me, I nearly always sell it after that. In hindsight, if I would have played with fins more I probably would have been more stoked on it. However, it overlapped too closely with both my Super Buzz and Skate so I got rid of it. Knowing what I know about this now, it probably would have lit up with the JJF Mediums


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