Not Dead

I just got a comment on my Hot Generation board from the new owner and it reminded me of two things

  1. Some boards you shouldn’t sell
  2. I need to start working on this blog again

Since I stopped updating this thing like a year plus ago I’ve moved from North County to Huntington Beach and started a new job.  Surfing is more fun here just because of consistency.  I may have gotten lucky with an epic summer but so far the whole family is happy with the choice.  The new job is helping too.

Since I move boards like the way I do, I’ve moved through a whole quiver and onto a new one since I’ve been up here.  Actually, the ability to buy more surfboards was the first thought that crossed my mind when I looked for a new job.

That being said, I have two quiver’s worth of reviews to write.  The picture below was taken last January, and I don’t own a single one of those boards anymore

 photo 1AC8FBFB-2C15-47E0-A82C-F28839B09C08_zpscwb710z8.jpg


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