5-4 Stretch Superbuzz- Board Review

5-4 x 20.5 x 2.4

EPS Tech quad with a Stretch S3.1 set.

I first got this thing right at the tail end of the 2014 summer; in fact, I had it for the very tail end of the Marie swell when we got some of the most fun combo swell I ever had in Carlsbad.

When I acquired this thing, it had the standard Future Controllers in itfuture-fins-controller-quad-fin-set-smoke-green-fiberglass

The board rode great with these and I usually would have just left it alone but something about that Stretch set and the whole fins-designed-for-the-board idea made me purchase those.  The board was more stiff with the Stretch set but in a good way.  I got some more drive and could do bigger, thruster-ish turns on it.  Also, I could take the board out in OH reef stuff without feeling completely out of control; just real loose in a good way.

Even though the Super Buzz has “grovel” dims it is not necessarily a grovel board.  It is definitely more relaxed for shitty waves than its close relative the Mr. Buzz but if you want a true grovel board from Stretch the G-Buzz or Quad Fish is the ticket.  The Super Buzz is meant to be an alternative style board for California style waves and it definitely succeeds in doing just that.

The Super Buzz is a great little monster for CA-style waves up to head high or overhead if they’re slopey.  I’ve seen people using them in even Hawaii waves with success.  Its a great little skateboard that doesn’t feel out of control like other boards in this size.  Since its so short it would allow me to blast turns in crappier, soft waves like I would usually find myself doing on a thruster in good waves.

Stretch’s quad setup with his fins feels much more like a thruster than other quad setups.  I don’t know if the Buzzes would work for someone who likes quads because they are a front footed surfer.  This wants you with your foot back on the kick using your back leg for everything.  Just how I like it

This board is now living on the East Coast and I’d love to hear from the new owner how its working for him out there.  The pictures are from right before I sold it after riding it a great deal for 8 months or so.  A true testament to Stretch’s construction.

I got rid of this because it was overlapping with a couple other boards, but in hindsight I should have kept it, but I am in such a thruster mode right now that this one had to go.  That being said, I’m going to get another one and I highly recommend this board to anyone who lives around here.


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