I’ve never really been a thruster fan until this summer. I’ve had a couple thrusters back in the day that I liked, and the only one that stands out to me is a Source thruster.  Even that was only in big Santa Cruz waves and even then it felt slow to me compared to my quads.

There are three things that have contributed to me becoming a thruster fan
1. Lighter physical weight
2. Bonzers
3. AM2s.

There’s a reason why so many people use these fins; they are just great all arounders with the perfect combination of drive and release. I can’t say whether the AM1s for lightweights and the AM3s for the big guys work as well but I would venture that they would. Say what you want about CI (I have) but you can’t deny that Al knows what he’s doing.

Shit, I recently acquired two boards with FCS2 and even though they are backwards-compatible with the old fins I went ahead and bought the same AM2 set in FCS2. I am using them in 3 different Coil thrusters and don’t even have a itch to experiment with anything else.


Base: 4.55″ / 116mm
Depth: 4.52″ / 115mm
Area: 14.89″² / 9608mm²
Sweep: 36.6º
Foil: Flat

Base: 4.34″ / 110mm
Depth: 4.41″ / 112mm
Area: 13.72″² / 8852mm²
Sweep: 35.0º


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