Sometimes, despite all my preaching about small quivers and daily drivers the allure of surfboards gets the best of me. I also think I’m like a child always gravitating towards the newest toy. There is a surfboard on hold for me right now that I feel bad making wait any longer, so my whole quiver is for sale.

At first the Windigo Bonzer was for sale, but I didn’t really get any bites and I actually don’t want to sell it that much.  That’s really how I feel about all of my boards; I don’t want to get rid of them, but I want the next big thing.

Why don’t I just keep all of them and buy it anyway?  I will end up with a garage full of surfboards and feel bad for the ones that don’t get ridden, and besides, the wife won’t be stoked on a garage full of surfboards.

So anyway, if anyone is interested in any of the boards I’ve reviewed on this blog or anything else I may have drop me a line and let’s make a deal.


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