Boardroom International Demo Day

This demo was a week ago, but I’ve been a little preoccupied in the past week as I took delivery on this 7-13 x 19.25″ baby girl!  Stoked!

At the demo, the surf conditions were pretty crappy and it seemed like there were way less boards this year than in years past.  However, that gave me a chance to spend more quality time with each board.

– 5-4 Libtech Ramp. I was actually pretty stocked on this board until I started riding it. It just felt like it had no drive and I had to give it a lot of input to get going. That’s fine on a shortboard but this is supposed to be a groveler. I was using the Libtech fins and this thing would be way better with more fin area. 5-4 x 20.5 28L

The deck concave was the coolest part, but I didn’t feel anything special in the construction.  It didn’t feel any more “alive” than a new PU/PE board.  I guess nothing really feels like a Coil.


– 5-5 FW Tomo Nano. This was the best board that I rode there.. Maybe its familiarity with the design but I felt like it was better than the custom I owned. I rode it as a thruster and it felt like it’d be too fast as a quad. Dan Thompson (Tomo) said that the thruster setup works better with that rail line and shape. 5-5 x 18.5 x 2 5/16 27L

I think I might need to get one of these, but Mike Daniel has shaped his own version that should be coming to my friend Nick very soon.  The MPH idea in Coil construction seems like it would just be perfect.

– 5-4 FW Tomo Vanguard. I was the most excited about this board but the Nano was better for me. Dan and the other Firewire guy said that at 160 5-4 is probably the right size for me. I had pegged the 5-5 as the properly sized one for me but I’ll listen to the shaper and manufacturer. They were definitely right on the volume working but in those bad conditions it was a struggle. I’d like to try a 5-5 though. 5-4 x 18 x 2.25 25.9L

At a steep beach break that 5-4 would probably perfect, but sloppy reef was not helping me make it work well.  I still want one, but if I had to choose between a Vanguard and a Nano I’d get a Nano.

– 7-2 Blackbird Owl. I took this out because I love taking out weird boards near the end of the day. This was a relaxed hull foil with a big ol longboard fin in it. It was a fight in the short period stuff because it was too short to properly turtle and way too big to duck dive. The guys said that they’ve built these way short and are fun as a quad as well, but I’d get one in the mid 6 range and put a big ol flex fin in it and go get hippy at point breaks. 7-2 x 22.5 x 3.25

I love the Boardroom International show.  I got to see a bunch of shapers and a bunch of surfboards that further make me realize that I want 95% of them.


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