Sold Boards

I was going back through my Photobucket and seeing all of the boards I’ve sold that I haven’t reviewed yet.  The thing that really struck me is that there are so many that I wished I would have kept, or would buy again if I wasn’t such a slave to passing fancies of different shapes and fin configs.  It really makes me wish I had unlimited space to store and unlimited cash to buy surfboards.  If anyone is interested in a more in depth review let me know.

The scariest thing about this is that this is only boards I’ve taken pictures of…. there have been others as well.

5-11 x 19 x 2.5 Cole Twin (MPT)
Fun board that was very HP for a twin.  It worked way better for me with a trailer as it was too loose without.  This is where I finally realized I’m just not a fan of twins

5-8 x 21 x 2.5 Rat single wing swallowtail
This board was kinda weird; I got it in a trade.  It was really short and wide with blocky rails.  I couldn’t find anything on Rat’s site to describe it so I think it was a custom.  Due to the wing and tail I ran it as a twin + trailer but it might have been meant to be a thruster.  It groveled pretty well but I wasn’t really a fan

5-11 x 20.5 x 2 9/16 Oak Foils Twinzer
The first of two Oaks I really should have never gotten rid of.  I sold this off because I acquired another board with the same fin config that felt better under the arm and looked better aesthetically to me but I surfed way better on the Oak.

6-3 x 20 x 2.63 Bulkley double wing swallow tail quad
I got this for a really good deal and proceeded to ride it to death.  Every time the waves got head high or larger I rode this.  It was a couple years old when I got it and even after two years of my abuse I still sold it for more than I bought it for.  I bet this board is still getting ridden

7-6 x ?? x ?? Oak Foils Dyna-glyde
I simply did not give this board a chance.  I got rid of it after one session just because I felt like I was riding a fun board.  I never tried it as single and I guarantee if I wouldn’t have been such a slave to fashion I would have loved it.  I want to get another one of these soon; I just don’t know if I want a “mini” version or a midlength.  I was an idiot for getting rid of this one.

6-2 x 19.75 x 2.5 Coil Widerboard
This was a sick board and was to be my good wave board.  I didn’t want to get rid of this one at all but had some heavy unexpected bills to pay at that time.

5-6 x 19.5 x 2.5 Tomo MPH Nano
Looking back at how much I weighed then and those dims I’m astonished this board worked so well for me.  It made me a believer in Daniel’s theories and tells me that I would ride an MPH or a NextGen even smaller than I think I should now.  I’ll get another Tomo again someday

6-3 x 22 x 2.75 Stamps Hull
Besides the yellow Oak, this is the one board that pains me not to have anymore, sorry I don’t have any better pictures.  I’m not even sure why I sold it.  Idiot.

6-6 x ?? x ?? Bulkley stepup
I bought this for a winter that never came.  This was my first winter down here and I soon realized I don’t need a mid 6′ board pretty much ever in North County.  Maybe if I surfed Blacks more.  It got sold to pay for the Hull above


Board Review- Coil M80

Coil M80
5-10 x 20 x 2.63 1.1 cu ft3
Bump squash tail, 5 fin FCS Fusion setup
2nd Gen Coil construction

A couple caveats on this review: I got rid of this board two years ago.  However I rode it as a daily driver for all of 2011 and only got rid of it when it simply wasn’t getting ridden anymore due to quiver overlap so I remember it well.  I also weighed a lot more then so that’s why it had some bulky dimensions; although I probably should have listened to Mike Daniel when hashing out dims because I think it would have worked better at 2.5 instead of 2.63

This was the only Coil custom I got; I’ve had four Coils I owned including this one.  As I said earlier, I wish I would have listened to Mike and ordered 2.5 instead of 2.63 because he could have gotten the volume I wanted while having less bulk.  Even though this ended up being a daily driver for me for over a year, I believe that the extra bulk is what stopped me from truly loving this board.  I was also in full fin whore mode at this point, so I tried every fin setup I could think of in this board.  Including getting weird a couple times

I never truly found a fin setup that worked well for me on this board, I always felt like the board was too tracky or stiff, but I was trying to throw huge fins at it.  My go-to quad set, the old Mayhem GMBs, worked well but felt a little too loose backside, which sent me on the fin quest.  I learned from this board that once I find something that works to just stick with it and stop experimenting.  If it feels good just stick with it and learn that setup.

The other problem I had with this board, besides my self-induced fin problems, was that sometimes the board felt like it was going to “wheelie.”  Even at the bloated dims I chose the “Coil foil” was still in full, glorious effect.  For those who are unfamiliar with the “Coil foil” it is a tail that is very thin in order to work in concert with the construction to create flex.  The flex at the tail helps in a springboard effect off of turns.  The “wheeling” I was talking about was due to me insisting on 2.63 thickness; the tail was built how it was supposed to but there was just too much foam in the front half for even my then-fat ass to bury the rail correctly.  What ended up happening on this board was that it would sometimes be the best board ever and other times would be frustrating beyond belief.  Bottom line: despite frustrations it was good enough for me to ride as a DD for over a year.

The construction on these boards are as good as advertised.  These pictures are when it was brand new but it looked EXACTLY the same when I scraped off the wax and sold it.  I dropped another Coil I had rail down on a cobblestone at Trestles and there was no pressure, no ding, nothing.  Bulletproof.

I had other Coils after this one that were pure HPSB shapes rather than a stubby and those shone even more.  Mainly because they were 2.5″ thick instead of 2.63.”  I will buy another custom Coil at some point but I will go at the order this time differently.  For one, I will not stick to a “model”, I will work with Mike to create a true custom and secondly I will listen to whatever he says.  Remember, the shaper is the expert, not the surfer.  Listen to him.

And stop fucking with your fins.