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Feeling Left Out

Ever since I was a kid I would feel bad for toys that weren’t getting played with at the time.  Naturally, this unfounded feeling over an inanimate object translates to my favorite “toys” as an adult, surfboards.

I think this is some of the reason I have strong feelings about daily drivers and minimalist quivers.  It is a belief deep down that the board sitting in the garage is going to somehow feel bad as it sits, unsurfed, almost getting dusty.

If I was to build a really specialized quiver, I’d have boards that would sit for months at a time, only getting surfed when the exact conditions that the board was built for would come about.  This would make me feel bad, maybe almost wasteful.  I probably should start getting over these feelings since I really do love surfboards and wish I had all of them.  On the other hand, with a smaller quiver I won’t get the amount of board angst when choosing the right tool for the job and I won’t have to pack my car to the gills with boards when I’m going for a session.

I recently got two boards built that were meant to be bookends to my DM Bonzer 3 daily driver.  I got a Windigo Hitchcock and a Campbell Brothers “Chile” model Bonzer 5 (pics and review of my own coming soon).  Since these boards were built by such master craftsman even though one is ostensibly a groveler and one a step up they both work so well that the Hitchcock can be ridden in up to head high waves and the Bonzer works in waist high stuff.  This overlaps the daily driver range and I feel like my DM Bonzer feels left out.  On a day like today the conditions are right for me to ride any one of these boards.

I’m sure part of it is still the excitement of having new boards causing the DD to get left out, not to mention that I’ve had a couple sessions where I have surfed the best I have ever surfed on that Hitchcock.  But I feel like the thrill is gone on that DM Bonzer now, and am possibly contemplating selling it before it is completely beat down.  Since I’m already thinking of another board to order, this might end up being the Bonzer 3’s fate.  I’m going to sit on that decision for a while though, because there is a reason why I like that board so much- its damn good.

My quiver really is tiny, and as you can see has toy cars, buckets, sales rep samples and dog food to hang out with.  I should probably just do what I always tell everyone else; just stop thinking about it, shut the f up, and surf

Dad quiver

Board Review- Windigo Hitchcock

5-4 x 21.25 x 2.25
Shaped, airbrushed, glassed, and sanded by Barry Snyder.


I have been somewhat slacking on writing a review for this board due to work being really busy and the fact that we’ve had so many good days.  Usually, getting a new board and getting good waves to ride it on is near impossible since Nature conspires to make you sit on that new board.  However, I guess this is going the other way because I got this board as a groveler.  Screw you Nature!

Even though this is a grovel board it can handle shoulder high waves no problem, its when it gets a little bigger than that the board gets a little squirrely.  If you take a high line you can handle it but there are other boards for that.  Could it be a daily driver for North County?  Absolutely.

Ever since I’ve gotten this board if it is surfable the waves have been at least belly to chest high, but one day the waves were small but had good shape to them. It actually looked so small that I probably would have gone home since I didn’t have the longboard in the car but I figured this is the time to see how grovely my Hitchcock can get and boy am I glad I paddled out.

The biggest wave where I was at was maybe thigh high but it was as fun as surfing shoulder high waves. The board was catching waves super easy and then would get up right in the pocket. The coolest thing about it is that it doesn’t just want to trim down the line, it wants to be turned. Even cooler than that is that you can do the same kind of turns you can with an HPSB in HH waves.  Those conditions that I really had in mind when I ordered it and it went above and beyond my expectations.

The board came with the stock Thermotech Futures F7 quad set.  I was going to get a fancy set but these base model fins are working so good I don’t see a reason to do so.  Barry has a couple of other fin setup ideas that I want to try sometime, including using a Futures TMF trailer and/or throwing in twin fin fronts.  Maybe I’ll try it during the summer doldrums, but I also don’t believe in fixing something that’s not broken.

Here’s Barry’s explanation of the board
My theory on that board is it is not one of those UN-turnable Mini-Simmons boards. Those are only good for surfing horizontal on the wave. I’m a short-boarder. Shortboards are for vertical surfing. So I wanted to combine the two. So if you look closely at the board, you will notice that it has a lot going on. Almost all mini-sims I’ve seen, have too much concave in the tail. It has a very wide tail. The only thing to help that board go on rail besides tail rocker is Vee. Or a size 16 foot. Most modern shapers have forgotten that element. Next it has a shallow center concave flowing into a deep double off the tail. It also has a very suttle bevel along the rails. This also helps the board go on rail. It also thins out the rail too.

Barry is awesome to work with, he does all the work himself and loves new ideas for both shapes and construction.  I am going to be getting more boards from him for sure.  Shaper emails and phone calls are awesome, but nothing beats being able to walk into a factory and talk to the shaper.   I was a little worried about the dims to tell you the truth, 2.25″ of thickness with foiled rails seemed small to me, even though I’m much lighter than I was in years past, but I listed to Barry and I’m super glad I did.  Every single dimension is perfect.

1uo5 d88

I’m really stoked to have this board.  I actually kinda want the waves to get small.