The Minimalist Quiver

I’m the first to admit that my surfboards are on a revolving door in and out of the quiver, but as I get older I’m finding that my surfing is simply better with a minimalist quiver.  A minimalist quiver is having around three boards to work in all conditions.  Now, there are other people who can get by with a single board but where’s the fun in that?  However, not having too many choices makes my surfing better as I get many more sessions on a board.  I get a better feel for the intricacies of a board, and I become a better surfer on it.  Obviously I’m not a pro but I’m here to help average people like me out.

For my area, here are the only three boards you need

  • Longboard
  • Daily Driver Shortboard
  • Step Up Shortboard

Many people would rather put a groveler shortboard in the bottom position for myriads of reasons, but there is a certain point where the waves are so small that only a longboard will work, no matter how good a groveler is. 

The daily driver is the most important board in your quiver, its the board you’ll use from waist high to just overhead.  If your home break is in NCSD like mine, this can be a grovel shape but I find stubby HPSBs work the best for me.

Lastly is the step up.  This is that board that you count on when it gets heavy.  The last few years here have been so poor wavewise that I haven’t needed one and have sold them off, but I sure wish I had one last week.  Free tip of the day: don’t sell your step up for a grovel board during the doldrums of summer.

Personally, I like to have a 4th board in my quiver.  This spot is usually held by an alternative shape such as a hull or keel fish or a true grovel board.  This is great for when you just want to get weird.

The minimalist quiver is all you really need to have fun every time you surf.  If I had unlimited money I would build a minimalist quiver for every spot I surfed, meaning I’d have four boards per spot, but that’s not realistic for me.


8 thoughts on “The Minimalist Quiver

  1. Ah the luxuries of having a quiver at all. What I like to call, Socal privileged surfer problems. I’m lucky to just have two boards at all. Who knows if I’ll ever afford to build a quiver. And what’s with the NCSD and HPSB? This isn’t IBM so no need to be abbreviating (north county san diego and high-performance shortboard?).

  2. you’ll need 10 boards for variety in the crappy san diego mush or else you’ll get bored!! don’t forget the pink spray and unicorn airbrush on the longboard so you can fit in better down there 🙂

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